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Inspired by classic British design and luxury, Oxford Vaughan wanted go beyond anything seen before when crafting their luxury eyewear collection. Merging technical excellence and the finest materials with high fashion, Oxford Vaughan wanted to create the most beautifully engineered, most luxurious sunglasses in the world. Each pair of Oxford Vaughan sunglasses is lovingly hand-crafted […]

Ray Ban Sunglasses

Ray Ban Sunglasses Fashion moves fast, we all know it: every season there are new trends and styles, making it hard for most people to keep up with its rhythm. However, there are some items whose appeal is timeless. Such iconic pieces look as fresh and beautiful today as they did when they first came […]

Oakley Madman collection

Introducing the Oakley Madman collection A frame that has broken the mold, a pair of sunglasses crafted by Oakley’s engineers determined on changing the landscape of the eye wear industry. Distinctive characteristics move away from the foregone frames of yesteryear, and with a touch of eccentricity, the Oakley Madman sets itself apart from your typical […]


What’s the Coolest Eyewear for Skiing? Its that time of year again! Time to dig out the skiing gear and flex the muscles that you had forgotten you had, but have you got the coolest eyewear for skiing? Now I’m not really a ski-er myself. After my escapades in Aviemore as a complete novice some […]