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Do you want to repair your sunglasses yourself, and have the tools where with to do so in the future? The SunglassesUK.com Spectacle Repair Kit allows you to do just that. Complete with a cleaning cloth, screw set, mini screwdriver set, and genuine nose pads, this kit has everything you need to have your frame looking as good as new.

Kit Includes 

  • Mini Screwdriver Set
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Temple & Nose Pad Screws
  • Ray-Ban & Generic Nose Pads

Spectacle Repair Kit

The SunglassesUK.com Spectacle Repair Kit gives you the freedom to repair your sunglasses yourself.
Available now, is our hassle free option, instead of taking the sunglasses into your local optician, or queuing up at your local post office. You can now do this from the comfort of your own home.
The Spectacle Repair Kit is complete with firstly a cleaning cloth which will allow you to clean the lenses once inside the frame.
Secondly a screw set, which will fit perfectly into your frame.
Of course, you have the mini screwdriver set, which will allow you to loosen the joints, to get the lenses in and out.
Finally genuine nose pads, if your old nose pads need replacing, this branded set with have your frame looking spic and span.

We understand the importance of keeping your sunglasses in good shape, whether they hold sentimental value, or are your favourite pair, or if they were just too expensive to throw away.
We are offering you the ability to have them looking good as new. This repair kit will allow you to repair many different brands, including Ray-Ban, Ralph Lauren, Persol, and many more.

For help repairing your frame, check out or helpful blog, A Comprehensive Guide: How To Replace Ray-Ban Replacement Lenses With SunglassesUK.com, or please feel free to get on 01704 517909, and we’ll be happy to assists you. If you require any help with replacement lenses, please contact us via email or telephone to enquire, again, we will be more than happy to help.


Free UK Delivery

Brand Case & Cloth Included

Certificate of Authenticity

12 Month Manufacturers Warranty