The RayBan Meteor RB2168 sunglasses, are a typically classic retro style frame inspired by the 1960’s original. Similar to the Wayfarer style, the Meteor is a bold plastic acetate frame, that includes sharp edges, bold front frame and arms, finished with round square lenses. RayBan sunglasses come with a Ray-Ban logo branded case, cleaning cloth, and certificate of authenticity. The Meteor RB2168 sunglasses come in one size, 50mm.


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RayBan Meteor RB2168 Sunglasses

The RayBan Meteor RB2168 are a class retro style frame, with a strong and bold style frame. The RB2168 drew inspiration from the Original Wayfarer, with its incoic bold and solid design. The Meteor’s first release came in the 1960’s, after Ray-Ban revamped the frame in 2017, and is now set for full release due to popular demand. The Meteor comes with a dipped bridge, and square edges for a classic vintage look. The frame is available in a wide array of colours, from solid blacks, transparent, to havana and striped finishes. The wide array of lenses come in the RB2168, the famous green, brown, with more modern colours including mirror finish, they also come in polarised, none polarised, and gradient.


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♦ Brand Case & Cloth Included

♦ Certificate of Authenticity

♦ 12 Month Manufacturers Warranty