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Men’s Oakley Sunglasses

Combining solid-performance and unconventional style. Oakley sunglasses for men offer a variety of tinted lenses deliberately designed to enhance depth perception and UV protection. There’s more to Oakley that meets the eye. Back in the 70’s, James Jannard, Founder of Oakley, trademarked a material known as Unobtainium. A smart-technology purposely designed to improve grip with moisture. Originally, he introduced the material to launch his own line of motorcycling grips. However, he soon identified a gap in the eyewear market, and the rest is history. Unobtainium still plays a big part in the design process today. It’s used to make the earsocks on the Oakley sunglasses and sports goggles. Their ability to incorporate smart-technology like Unobtainium into their products has made them a go-to favourite for many high-profile athletes. Each of our Oakley sports goggles and sunglasses for men offer a sleek design, include a branded box and a certificate of authenticity.