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Police Sunglasses

Police Sunglasses

Breaking into the fashion scene in the early 1980s, Police has been bringing its distinct style to its sunglasses for more than twenty years. Drawing its name from the masculine eyewear of law enforcers of the time, Police’s clearly masculine appeal has since moved on from its trademark squared frames to more modern styles taken from the spirit of competitive sports, high-fashion, and casual chic.

But the Police name has extended its reach beyond its loyal male clients. Catering to the woman looking for that extra edge in their feminine wardrobe, Police offers unisex selections that can add a seductive twist to any feminine ensemble.

Police captures the rich bustling atmosphere of the metropolis with its extensive selection of energetically designed frames, sharp color schemes and bold lenses. With designs that exude an undeniable vigor, vibrancy and sophistication, Police summarizes its style in the formidable personality ready to take on the modern world head on.

Make the city your business as you navigate the streets, sidewalks, byways and alleyways through the sharp and sleek eyes of Police’s quality lenses. Guaranteeing an unparalleled commitment to quality in its frames, Police secures your wardrobe with its unrivaled sense of style and dynamism. Wear the look of the law with Police, because settling for any less would be criminal.

As everyone is an individual we would recommend that you have your sunglasses professionally fitted - Most opticians do not charge for this service.


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